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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello Hello Hello!!!

Good Evening Everyone!!

Hope you are all well and having a great weekend.

I am in a motel in Bedford, PA after a long/short day of scrapbooking, checking email and my blg while watching TV. I was with two friends (Ginny and Jane), Jane has already gone home but Ginny and I like to stay the extra night and recoup.

I'm making an album for my daughter to take to England with her when she goes to meet Pete's (her boyfriend) family. I thought it would be a nice way for them to get to know a little bit about us. So I put in pictures of my husband, myself and my two sons and daughter-in-law, then pictures of Jen growing up and pictiures of her & Pete and their new house. I hope they like it.

At the scrap they had drawings for prizes and I won the last one, it was a bag that holds the cutters from Creative Memories. The one friend I was with had put all of her tickets in to win it, I put in two and won the darn thing. So, I gave it to Jane and she was so thrilled ahe had tears in her eyes. She was soo cute.

I have a couple new cards to post when I get home and take some pictures of them, they are fairly simple but nice.

Can't wait to get home tomorrow my husband and I are going to do our usual Sunday morning thing. We get the newspaper, go to Dunkin Donuts get a drink, a muffin, sit down to eat and read the paper it is a very peaceful time for both of us.

See ya Monday!!

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