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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas on December 18, 2010

Hi Everyone,

This weekend my daughter and her boyfriend came home for Christmas. They are going to his home for Christmas so we did ours early.

We had a really good time, we had dinner, opened presents and played Apples to Apples in the evening.

 Well when we played Apples to Apples Bruce decided he wanted to play also (Jenn & Pete's stuffed monkey). For a while Jenn and Pete would look at his cards and pick one. Then they started to just pick his cards randomly and he did VERY well, as a matter of fact he beat the four of us. We feel pretty inferior, being beat at a game by a stuffed monkey. We had a really good time and laughed a lot. It was a good day!!

In Apples to Apples you have red cards in your hands and draw a green card with a word on it, then you lay down a red card that means the same, the opposite or nothing to do with it. Then the person who pulled the green card reads the red cards and picks the one they think is the best match to the green card pulled,  (no Bruce did not get to pull a green card, we are not quite that crazy).

Bruce "The Winner of Apples to Apples"
Yea!!! Bruce

Can you tell I don't have any grandchildren yet? I have Bruce the stuffed monkey, Jack my oldest sons dog and Sadie and Winston my middle child's cats. Maybe someday, who knows.

Hope your holidays are filled with love, peace and a happy family!!

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