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Monday, January 24, 2011

Valley Forge

We're on our wat back from Jenn & Pete's, we're staying in Valley Forge tonight, Donnie has a meeting at the Freedoms Foundation and I am going to hang around and read, color and whatever comes along.

Jenn and Pete brought presents back from England for us, they gave me 6 Copic Ciao markers with a pouch to carry them, ribbon, a claigraphy pen set, they brought Donnie 2 books, Jason a golf towel set and for all of us a magnet of London, a print of Bootham Bar in York, North Yorkshire, England and a parchment of King Tut giving his wife sacred wine. They are wonderful presents and we greatly appreciated them. Thanks again! Jenn & Pete.

Today Jenn and I went to a bridal show in Fairfax, Va. We had a nice time, gathered lots of information for her wedding. Then we went to AC Moore, JoAnne Fabrics and World Market. She was a sweetheart and bought her mom some flowers, bows and stickers.

Yesterday, we went to Angela's Happy Stamper in Reston, VA and I bought 3 Copic markers, (colors to do skin), Dreamweavers paste and some paper to use with my Copic markers. I love to go to Angela's she has great stuff!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. When ur husband is at the Freedoms Foundation,tell him to take a walk in the Medal of Honor Grove. The foundation sold out our heroes in 2009 when they all but sold it to a developer...the business backed out.
    Learn more at
    Join the local community and urge the FF to keep the grove as is forever.
    Enjoy Valley Forge-it's wonderful!