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Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Picture Classes


I just signed up to take some classes at Big Picture Classes, I can't wait to see what great new things I can learn. Some classes are free and other have a fee, you get discounts from some on line stores, get freebies and learn lotts. They have a great philosophy!! Check them out maybe you'll join too, just click above and you'll be redircted to their free classes web page.

Well, the wedding is getting closer and we are working hard to make the day great! Dora and I are having a bridal shower for Jenn, it will be soo much fun for all. Trying to get the best prices for air fare, room and rental car is a challenge for sure, Donnie is working hard to get the best price he can. I have been  buying everything related to Hydrangea's I can get, not easy to do, I was surprised and how hard it is to find stuff and the cost, they are a very expensive flower.

Jason is settled in his new home and Jack has adjusted very well, they both seem very happy. I'm glad although I do miss both of them. It seems funny with only 3 dogs in the house since Jack moved with Jason, it's easier to get around though, Jack is hugh and knocks me out of the way with out meaning to.

Justin and Danielle are now living in Philadelphia and are glad to be back close to Danielle's family.

I'm glad spring is finally here, our back yard is just beautiful with the Tulips blooming and the running water from the ponds. Donnie noticed today that we have a few hundred Tadpole and we should get a few thousand more. It is so neat to watch them grow and become little frogs, most of them get eaten by the fish. The last couple of years we didn't get any that grew to adulthood, there was a snake in the backyard who was eating them and a few fish too. He reared back to strike at Donnie and that was the last thing he did. Now I need to stop the Chippy from eating my Tulip bulbs, I like the Chippy but he has to go.

Well I think I've gabbed enough tonight. Have a wonderful spring!!!